Nuclear Industry Bill Would Override Community Resistance to Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Shipments:

50 Million Americans Impacted

The Nuclear industry is pushing Congress to pass a bill that would override the ability of states and localities to protect their communities so that 100,000 shipments of nuclear waste from dozens of power companies all over America can be shipped across our nation's roads and rails to Yucca Mountain, Nevada.

The industry has poured $15.5 million into campaign coffers to persuade our Congress to pass the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1999 (HR-45), a bill that would void Environmental Protection Agency standards for development of the Nevada dump, slash environmental protections for Yucca Mountain area communities, and nullify local and state governments seeking to protect their residents from nuclear hazards. According to Public Citizen, the radioactive waste, which will travel within a half mile of 50 million Americans over the next 30 years, is stored in "inadequately tested" casks.

Anticipating resistance from local communities exposed to the shipments, the law provides that no community may pass public safety ordinances that interfere with the 30 year shipment.

Public Citizen said that the Department of Energy's own projections indicate that these shipments could lead to more than 350 accidents. "Even an accident outside of a metropolitan area would cause $620 million in damages and contaminate a 42-square mile area. Just imagine what an accident in a populated area could do."

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