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Senate Bill 697 by Senator Nell Soto Would Remove Irrational Barriers to Large Scale Urban Solar Development in San Francisco and Other Cities

by Paul Fenn

download a copy of Local Power's Solar Networking Bill, Senate Bil 697 sponsored by Senator Nell Soto (D-Pomona) Senate Bill 697, authored by Local Power and sponsored by State Senator Nell Soto (D-Pomona), would exempt cities that develop solar power and other renewable distributed generation systems from paying for transmission systems if those systems are developed as part of a Community Choice aggregation under the state's new law allowing communities to find alternative suppliers, Chapter 838 of 2002. Among the state's utility monopolies, only Sempra has yet filed a letter of opposition, claiming such a law would shift costs to other customers.

In fact, large scale development of solar and other decentralized green energy systems will relieve the state's transmission lines of electrical load, freeing up needed capacity on those lines for all customers. Local Power will join Senator Soto in defending Senate 697 at a hearing of the Senate Energy, utilities and Communications on April 22.

------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Fenn, who authored the 2002 California Community Choice Law, AB117 (Migden-SF), San Francisco's voter-approved 2001 Solar Bond Authority, Proposition H (sponsored by Tom Ammiano), and co-authored the original 1994 Massachusetts Community Choice bill, can be reached at

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