Reported in the Providence Journal on November 30, 1996:

Narragansett Electric (NEES subsidiary) asks for Rate Increase

PROVIDENCE (AP) - Narragansett Electric has asked for a rate increase from the Public Utilities Commission, the utility company said yesterday.

If approved, there would be a 2.2 percent increase for an average residential customer who uses 500 kilowatt hours per month, or an additional $1.32 monthly.

The state's largest electric utility has asked that the rate increase take effect Jan. 1, and noted that it has not asked for a rate increase in more than 18 months.

The company said the proposed increase is due to its preparing to establish new rates under electric deregulation, which is to start taking effect July 1.

Under deregulation, customers will be allowed to choose an electric supplier the way they select a long distance telephone company. Competitive rates from electricity suppliers would start July I for industrial customers and extend to all Rhode Islanders by July 1998.

Narragansett Electric provides electricity to 328,000 customers in 27 communities.