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Over Four Times PG&E's Renewables Ramp-Up, Same Price

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Comparison of Community Choice to Public Power, Regulation and Deregulation
How Does Community Choice Make Solar Cost-Effective?


Founder and Director of Local Power, Paul Fenn authored San Francisco's Energy Independence Ordinance (Ammiano) and 2007 Community Choice Aggregation Implementation Plan. Fenn is also author of California's Community Choice law, AB117 or Chapter 838 of 2002 (Migden), which allows municipalities to switch their communities to alternative energy providers - as well as author of San Francisco's 2001 voter-approved "Solar Bond" or "H Bond" authority (Ammiano). Mr. Fenn has also authored "Solar Networking" legislation, Senate 697, sponsored by Pomona Senator Nell Soto. Local Power is based in Oakland, California and may be found at

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