The Fourth World, March, 1999
This latest screenplay by Dr. W. R. Baker is a hyperreal dystopian thriller. A "second energy crisis" brought on by global warming and nuclear terrorism spurs an Energy Race between Chinese and American government scientists for a new "organic" energy source: a technology which harvests the soul from the dying.

Deep Style DEEP STYLE NO. 3
Volume IV Number 3, 1996
America's Non-Fiction Fashion Annual. Question: "Why Are We Losing Our Freedom?" is answered by a number of articles including Because Freedom is Agony in "Why Everything is Your Fault," "Voluntary Servitude," and others. The idea of freedom is questioned in "How to Sedate an Insane Criminal" and expanded in "Disqualify the Experts." Music Reviews of Guided By Voices, Mark Eitzel, Thinking Fellers Union 282, and Frank Black. City Reviews of Des Moines and Tulsa.

DEEP STYLE NO. 2 Deep Style Volume 2 Number 2, 1995
often mistakenly strikes people as right wing just because its cover includes the swastika symbol, among others. It is not, however, right wing, at least by intention. Deep Style 2 features unauthorized opinion, vigilante storytelling, and the only reasonable and honest explanation ever given on abortion. Poetry, photography, city reviews, and music reviews. Deep Style 2 is currently being sold in book stores and magazine racks through out the United States. If you are a writer, this issue will give you a sense of the kind of writing we are producing and seeking, as well as a sample finished product.

DEEP STYLE NO. 1Deep Style Volume I Number One, 1993.
Our first issue, titled "America in Decline," is an unravelling of the criminality of its creators. It is, in short revelatory, a fact denied only by those who are indifferent to all revelation. This issue includes a patron's account of prostitution, a superfluous essay on superfluity, and a white man's effort to come to terms with racism, a psychotherapist's fall from grace, accounts of suburban lifeloss, an inner city security guard's shift tale, new erosless sexual vision, a critique of silicon boobs, homeless agonistics, a celebration of Frank Black, a witness' critique of justice, utopian vigilanteism, a dream of the devil, and the best critique of contemporary art you ever read.

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