The Superior Nigger
by Paul Fenn

We've got to seek some new methods, a reappraisal of the situation, some new methods for attacking it or solving it, and a new direction, and new allies. We need allies who are going to help us achieve a victory, not allies who are going to tell us to be nonviolent. If a white man wants to be your ally, what does he think of John Brown? You know what John Brown did? He went to war. He was a white man who went to war against white people to help free slaves. He wasn't nonviolent. White people call John Brown a nut. Go read the history, go read what all of them say about John Brown. They're trying to make it look like he was a nut, a fanatic. ...And any white man who is ready and willing to shed blood for your freedom -- in the sight of other whites, he's nuts. As long as he wants to come up with some nonviolent action, they go for that, if he's a liberal, a nonviolent liberal, a love-everybody liberal. But when it comes time to make the same kind of contribution for your and my freedom that was necessary for them to make their own freedom, they back out of the situation.- Malcolm X

It is an opinion increasingly common among black Americans that whites are an aberrant race, a genetically mutated species that has infected the world, a Blue-Eyed Monster which for the past five hundred years has strived to dominate all other races and species. In this view, once the exclusive wisdom of radical separatists like Malcolm X but increasingly prominent in black cultural discourse, the ideologies of our Enlightenment, encapsulated in buzzwords like Democracy, Liberty, Freedom, and Equality, are and have ever been clever traps for unsuspecting, good-natured people of color. The White Monster is the master of hypocrisy, the Great Pretender who may actually believe his lie as long as something remains to be conquered by it. Well, you're right. But it's not who you think it is.