Genocide is No More than Murder by the Editors Waiting for the inevitable victory of the victors, back every evening to win again, imagine, then, the life of one human being, this, indeed, is all there ever is or ever has been, one individual, moist, soft, listening, watching, responding. When we talk about progress, about history, about power, about resources, hazards, of wars, diseases, or famines, we are talking about this one individual, what he is doing in the decisive moment, how she makes her decisions, how he dies, overtaken by disease, or bleeding, of cold or fire. One man dies. This is the meaning of extinction, or genocide, starvation. One man breathes his last. All else, the rhetoric of the Masses, of Society, of Generations, of Hegemony, of Culture, of all these capitalized idols, never witnessed but always spoken, all else is the babble of cowards, hypnotists who despise this individual and would abolish him.