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Unanimous CPUC Decision Hands Community Choice Advocates Big Win:

Door Open for Renewables Buildout

In a last minute midnight compromise decision brought about by presuure from AB117 sponsor Carole Migden, San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano and Senate President Pro Tem John Burton, The California Public Utilities Commission voted 5-0 to adopt an electric utility procurement framework that will leave room for Community Choice Aggregation and renewable energy.

The decision approved a utility procurement framework phasing in utility contracts, limiting the amount of power the utilities buy and the speed at which they buy it., leaving space for San Francisco, San Diego, Marin County, and dozens of other California cities seeking to escape utility procurement to aggressively develop renewable resources and energy efficiency technologies.

Hunters Point activists and other San Francisco residents, Sustainable Novato, Sustainable Mill Valley, Fairfax activists and local officials joined Ratepayers for Affordable Green Energy in asking the Commissioners not to order utilities to overbuy power contracts that would make California dependent on foreign natural gas.

On December the CPUC was prepared to approve a five year contract authorization that would have locked in available power plant capacity and put ratepayers on the hook for 100% gas-fired capacity.

Commissioner Lynch, seconded by swing vote Commissioner Geoffrey Brown and Commissioner Carl Wood, credited coalition members for educating the Commission on the negative impacts of their previous procurement plan, whose December 18 decision was delayed to January 8, delayed again until today, redrafted, then rewritten into a new draft last night.

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Founder and Director of Local Power, Paul Fenn is author of California's Community Choice law, AB117 or Chapter 838 of 2002, which allows municipalities to switch their communities to alternative energy providers - as well as author of San Francisco's 2001 voter-approved "Solar Bond" or "H Bond" authority, and a plan to use H Bonds and Community Choice aggregation to take 1/4 of San Francisco's electricity load off-grid by 2012 with solar power, wind power, conservation and energy efficiency technologies. Mr. Fenn is also author of new state "Solar Networking" legislation, Senate 697, sponsored by Pomona Senator Nell Soto. Local Power is based in Oakland, California and may be found at

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