Eugene Coyle
Consulting Economist

My consulting practice has focused principally on regulatory and resource economics, with assignments ranging from pricing and cost allocation, through valuation of resources, including park lands, to negotiation of contracts between resource owners and developers. As part of my responsibilities I have testified as an expert witness in Federal and State Courts and before public utility commissions in 22 states and one territory.

A chronology of my education and professional activities follows:

I received a BA degree with a major in economics from Providence College. Following military service as an Aviation Cadet, jet pilot, and helicopter pilot in the U.S. Air Force, I was employed as a commercial pilot in Colombia and Ecuador before beginning graduate school to further study economics.

In 1960 and 1961 I was a graduate student in economics at Boston College. For the academic year 1960-1961 I was awarded an Assistantship at Boston College.

From 1962 through 1964 I was employed as an analyst at Brown Brothers Harriman and Company, a private bank at 59 Wall Street, New York, N.Y. At Brown Brothers I was responsible for recommending investments in the common stock of utility companies. As part of my duties I traveled throughout the country to familiarize myself with growth prospects of utility service territories, to interview and evaluate utility management (generally seeing the Chief Executive Officer and/or the Chief Financial Officer) and, in short, to make a judgement about the future prospects of the company.

I was also responsible for appraising all corporate bond offerings as investment vehicles for the bank's clients. I evaluated the suitability of each offering for various classes of investors and forecast the yields at which the offering would be made.

In the fall of 1964 I was awarded a Teaching Fellowship at Boston College and returned there to complete my graduate studies. I was a Teaching Fellow for two years and earned my Ph.D. in economics from Boston College in 1969. My graduate work included numerous courses in Economics and Statistics. In addition to the full graduate program leading to the Ph.D. I also took courses in accounting and public utility investment at New York University's Graduate School of Business Administration. In 1969 I was invited to participate in a conference on financial aspects of utility regulation at Stanford University, co-sponsored by American Telephone and Telegraph and in 1972 I received a National Science Foundation grant to participate in a six week conference on applied price theory at Brown University. A major portion of our time was spent on discussion of public utility price theory.

My graduate and undergraduate teaching has covered a wide spectrum of economics and finance courses, including Economic Principles, Price Theory, Corporate Finance, Statistics, Money and Banking, Economic History, History of Economic Thought, and Macro Economics.

I taught at Emmanuel College during 1966-1968. As Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Miami, Florida, 1968-1970, I taught the Advanced Corporate Finance course in the MBA program. During 1971- May 1974, I was an Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College in California. I have occasionally taught evening courses at the undergraduate level and spent the Spring semester of 1989 teaching full-time in the MBA program of the University of La Verne in Naples, Italy.

As a consulting economist, I have lectured and spoken widely at conferences and conventions. I have also lectured at colleges and universities and have made numerous radio and television appearances. In addition to the appearances mentioned, I have also given testimony on utility and energy issues before the following Legislative Bodies and Public Authorities:

United States House of Representatives, Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Subcommittee on energy and power; California Assembly, Committee on Energy and Diminishing Materials; California Energy Conservation and Development Commission; Kentucky, Governor's Special Advisory Commission; Nevada, Legislative Subcommittee on Utility Rates and Public Utility Commission; Rhode Island, Special Hearing, State Capitol; North Carolina, Utility Commission Conference on Lifeline Utility Rates; Oklahoma, Oklahoma Legislature,Committee on Oil, Gas and Energy; Oklahoma, Oklahoma Legislature, Special Committee on Public Utilities.

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