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Floodgates Open for Large Scale Solar with Move to 40% Green Power in Major Markets

San Francisco leads 49 California Cities Now Pursuing Community Choice Since San Francisco passed its Energy Independence ordinance (Ordinance 86-04, Ammiano) in May, some 48 California municipalities and counties representing seventeen and a half percent (17.5%) of California investor-owned utilities electricity demand, are now seeking to implement similar programs pursuant to the Community Choice law (AB117, 2002, Migden) and H Bond authorities as approved by San Francisco voters in 2001 (Prop H Bond Authority, 2001).

With a majority of California's Community Choice Aggregators approving a 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS), major regions of California, including San Francisco, Los Angeles County and San Diego County, are preparing an unprecedented green power conversion. Presenting a dramatic new opportunity, feasibility studies completed by Navigant Consulting for many of the cities in conjunction with the California Energy Commission has concluded that in all but one jurisdiction, at least a 40% RPS may be achieved without a rate increase provided that San Francisco's Energy Independence model (Community Choice plus H Bonds) is employed.

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