Chronologically Ordered LOCAL POWER News Index Local Power drafted the H Bond Authority with San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano in 2001, as well as the 2002 California Community Choice law. San Francisco Solar Power Facility:
Combining "Solar" H Bonds and Community Choice Aggregation to Build The World's Largest Rooftop Solar Utility

Prop H Campaign Fact Sheet on San Francisco 50 MW Solar Power Facility (PDF)

Proposition H, drafted by Local Power and San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano, was approved by voters in 2001 San Francisco's now-famous plan to build a solar photovoltaic system five times larger than the world's largest solar photovoltaic utility is part of an recently enabling ordinance recently drafted by Local Power which will combine San Francisco's "Solar" H Bond Authority with California’s new Community Choice Law to switch San Francisco to a new power supplier next year and require that new supplier to build a revolutionary new green power infrastructure, including not only the 50 MW solar network but an additional 50 MW of new renewable energy facilities, and 100 MW of conservation. The "Community Choice and H Bond Implementation Ordinance," sponsored by Supervisor and Mayoral Candidate Tom Ammiano, will deliver San Francisco from PG&E and remove 1/4 of the entire city's energy consumption in just 3-6 years.

Finally, solar, wind, and tidal power, energy efficiency, conservation, and hydrogen infrastructure can and will be built on a scale that presents a real alternative to natural gas and nuclear, and an efficiency that makes it price-competitive against any power source. With Community Choice and H Bonds, the day for a green power revolution has finally dawned in San Francisco. view fact sheet on Community Choice The Community Choice law, also written by Local Power, allows California municipalities to aggregate their communities to be served by Electric Service Providers (ESPs). AB117, or Chapter 838 of 2002, reopens the opportunity for ESPs to break into California’s electricity market to serve whole cities and regions with not only bulk power services, but energy efficiency programs, conservation, and even new generation capacity.

By giving City Councils decision-making power over resource planning and rate-setting, Community Choice provides the H Bond Authority with a revenue stream of an entire city's electric bills to repay bonds issued to finance renewable energy and conservation facilities. With the ability to repay solar and other green energy infrastructure through long-term contracts and spread associated costs out over many years, Community Choice facilititates the secure, regional long–term contracting environment that will make green energy resources compete on an energy-price basis with fossil and nuclear energy sources.

The H Bond Authority was added as an amendment to San Francisco's City Charter upon voter approval of Proposition H on November 6, 2001 - Click here to view information on the San Francisco H Bond Authority

Freed from the constraints of serving individual customers by Community Choice, the Solar Power Facility can be designed to serve the entire community rather than merely the customers that host them. By targeting large customers with large daily afternoon peak loads, the Solar Power Facility's design will reduce the need to purchase the most expensive and polluting "peaker plant" capacity as well as lower the peak capacity requirements of the whole community. This will lower bills in two ways: first, because the savings may be shared by all ratepayers through the Community Choice Aggregation rate setting mechanism: second, through an overall drop in everyones' power prices resulting from lower peak capacity requirements.

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Founder and Director of Local Power, Paul Fenn is author of California's Community Choice law, AB117 or Chapter 838 of 2002, which allows municipalities to switch their communities to alternative energy providers - as well as author of San Francisco's 2001 voter-approved "Solar Bond" or "H Bond" authority, as well as a plan to use H Bonds and Community Choice aggregation to build the world's largest solar power plant in San Francisco starting next year. Mr. Fenn is also author of new state "Solar Networking" legislation, Senate 697, sponsored by Pomona Senator Nell Soto. Local Power is based in Oakland, California and may be found at

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