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Addendum F Errata.

R.04-01-025 and R.02-06-041 Service List Participants:

Ratepayers for Affordable Clean Energy filed "Comments on the Utilities'Phase 1 Proposals" on March 23, 2004 which contained an error: a single section of the document, Addendum F, contains an advance draft of our position on Offshore LNG that we inadvertently included. Therefore, Addendum F as submitted does not reflect our position as a coalition; it was put it in error.

R.A.C.E. will further clarify its position on offshore terminal in its upcoming Reply Comments. In the meantime, please refer to Addendum E of RACE's March 23 comments for our assessment of the risks of both onshore and off-shore LNG terminals.

Electricity is the nation's largest single cause of greenhouse gas pollution, and causes one quarter of San Francisco's emissions. Natural gas pipelines, terminals and power plants are in particular a leading cause of climate change.

The H Bond Authority was added as an amendment to San Francisco's City Charter upon voter approval of Proposition H on November 6, 2001 - Click here to view Proposition H Campaign Materials Fact Sheet on San Francisco 50 MW Solar Power Facility For more information or to sign up for Local Power News, please visit Local Power.


Founder and Director of Local Power, Paul Fenn authored San Francisco's Energy Independence Ordinance (Ammiano). Fenn is also author of California's Community Choice law, AB117 or Chapter 838 of 2002 (Migden), which allows municipalities to switch their communities to alternative energy providers - as well as author of San Francisco's 2001 voter-approved "Solar Bond" or "H Bond" authority (Ammiano). Mr. Fenn has also authored of state "Solar Networking" legislation, Senate 697, sponsored by Pomona Senator Nell Soto. Local Power is based in Oakland, California and may be found at

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