What It Is Like To Sedate An Insane Criminal.
by Lalit Bajaj

If you get arrested and you are fucked up you will be brought intothe county hospital; the highest blood alcohol I have seen in aliving person is .545. You should be dead at that level. The guythey brought in was point three. He was combative, put into softrestraints; foam padded inside tied to guerney bed. He startedviolently bucking against the restraints, the entire guerney hoppingon the floor into the doctor who was questioning him. The doctorturned to the cop and said I want this man arrested for assault.Immediately the cop said OK you can 5150 him, which means you canlegally medicate him against his will. So I held his arm down andheld down his right arm as he said you FUCKer Im going to fuckingKILL YOUR ASS. I was basically able to try to get the IV in. He wasso tense it was easy to get the needle in. Easier because veinsdilate. Maybe the higher metabolism or phenomenon of the the musclecontraction, (wouldn't that make it harder?) You have to check theIV to see if the IV bag is flowing then inject drugs into the saltwater IV line port. I think we gave him four milligrams Ativan andI think 5 milligrams of droperidol, which is an antipsychotic, apotent seditive and a mild antipsychotic. It works in two minutes.The ativan is a potent seditive and quick acting. The droperatodkicks in later and calms them down. First a shock, like 4 shots oftequilla at once. Then the droperadol eases the ativan burn. It wasamazing how wasy it was, against a man's will, to assault and pacifyhim. We did to him that with which he was charged.Comments/Response