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San Francisco CCA

San Francisco Official CCA Websites

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Web Page

San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission Document Post for Community Choice and Related Policies

San Francisco CCA Task Force Web Page

San Francisco CCA-Related Activist Websites

Community Choice Energy Alliance Website, San Francisco

PG&E Anti-San Francisco CCA Campaign: "Let's Green This City"

Counter-PG&E Campaign: Let's Greenwash This City

City and County of San Francisco Official CCA Documents 

pdf attachment CCA Program Description Adopted by Ordinance 447-07, 2007 (1566 KB)

pdf attachment CCA Draft Implementation Plan Appendices (A-M) (1735 KB)

pdf attachment San Francisco Board of Supervisors Original CCA Ordinance, Number 86-04, 2004 (412 KB)

pdf attachment San Francisco Board of Supervisors Ordinance Number 146-07, 2007 (162 KB)

pdf attachment San Francisco Board of Supervisors Ordinance Number 147-07 Adopting CCA Program Design, Draft Implementation and H Bond Action Plan, 2007 (384 KB)

San Francisco Local Agency Formation Commission Official Documents

Resolution 2008-01 (Pdf)

Resolution 2007-01 (Pdf)

Monitoring and Advisory Services for the Community Choice Aggregation Program RFQ

Independent Analysis of Issues Associated with Implementation of the Community Choice Aggregation (Pdf)

Resolution approving a Community Choice Aggregation Implementation Plan (Pdf)

Resolution on Policy & Program Recommendations for a Community Choice Aggregation Implementation Plan (Pdf)

San Francisco Community Choice Aggregation Implementation Plan prepared by Local Power - Amended Version (6/7/05) (Pdf)

San Francisco's Community Choice Aggregation Draft Implementation Plan Released

Kings River Conservation District - San Joaquin

Kings River Conservation District CCA Websites

Kings River Conservation District Web Site

KRCD Community Choice Program Web Site

PG&E Anti-Central Valley CCA Web Site

Kings River Conservation District CCA Official Documents

Memorandum of Understanding

Joint Powers Agreement

Program Agreement 1

Implementation Plan

Certification from the California Public Utilities Commission

Resolution No. 07-06, Commitment to Local Renewable Generation Projects and to Improving Local Air Quality

Power Services Agreement

Marin County and Cities CCA

Marin County CCA - Marin Clean Energy

Marin County CCA Website

Marin Clean Energy Website

Marin Community Energy Website

PG&E Anti-CCA Campaign - "Marin Green Community Partnership"

Marin County Official Documents

Summary of Feasibility Study

Final CCA Feasibility Study. Released March 2005.

Independent Analysis of CCA Feasibility Study.

Final Draft, Marin CCA Business Plan. Updated April 2008.

Assumptions Underlying Projected Operating Results. Released January 2008.

PG&E Response to Draft Business Plan. Released October 2007.

Response to PG&E Regarding Draft Business Plan. Released October 2007.

Peer Review of the Business Plan. Released February 2008.

PG&E's Second Response to Draft Business Plan. Released March 2008.

Review of PG&E's March 5, 2008 Comments on the Business Plan Released April 2008.

Increasing Renewable Energy Resources in the County of Marin. Released November 2007.

Draft Ordinance authorizing the implementation of a community choice aggregation program. Released July 2008: City/Town Version and County Version

Marin Clean Energy Authority, Joint Powers Authority. Released July 2008.

Sonoma Climate Action Plan CCA

Sonoma CCA Climate Action Plan

Community Climate Action Campaign Website

Oakland, Berkeley CCA Plan

Berkeley CCA Feasibility Report

Emeryville CCA Feasibility Report

East Bay Local Clean Energy Alliance Web Site

Santa Barbara

Article on Santa Barbara CCA

San Diego County

Appollo Alliance Webpage on CCA

State CCA Links

California Public Utilities Commission

CPUC Report to the Legislature Pursuant to Assembly Bill 117

pdf attachment CPUC Decision 04-12-046 December 16, 2004 (203 KB)

pdf attachment CPUC Decision 05-12-041 December 15, 2005 (313 KB)

California Public Utilities Commission CCA Page

California Utility CCA Tariffs and Forms

Pacific Gas & Electric (PGE Corp) - Northern California

PG&E Opt-Out Web Site Documentation in PDF Format from Nov 21 2008

PG&E CCA INFO Data Request Tarifff

PG&E Declaration Form for Mayor or chief County Administrator Regarding Investigation Pursuit of Implementation of CCA

PG&E CCA Non-Disclosure Agreement

PG&E CCA CRS Schedule

PG&E CCA Services Schedule

PG&E CCA Service Agreement Form

Southern California Edison (Edison International) - Southern California

Edison CCA Handbook posted December 2008

Southern California Edison CCA Page

Regional and Statewide CCA Advocacy Sites

The Original Local Power Web Site - Searchable with Chronological 1994-2007 Local Power News for Background on energy Crisis and CCA.

SF Bay Sierra Club Page on CCA

CCAs in Other States

Cape Light Compact, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council (NOPEC)

NOPEC to buy power from another Green Power company Sep 18, 2008)

Online Videos on CCA

Community Choice: Power by the People

Going Local: The Movement for Community Choice, by EON

Community Choice - the Movement for Energy Independence, by EON

CCA Energy by Jordan Ehrlich

Community Choice Laws and the Hydrogen Future, by EON

Athens, Ohio Town Meeting on CCA Opportunity, 2008

Recent Journalism about CCA and Local Power

Fast Company (2008)

Marin Independent Journal: San Anselmo, Belvedere Join Marin CCA (Nov 10, 2008)

San Francisco Bay Guardian: Local Power CCA Report

CBS News: Marin Approves Clean Energy Authority for Climate (Nov 19, 2008)

Local Power Ongoing Federal Energy Proposals

Fact Sheet on Local Power's Proposal to Congress and President-Elect Obama

Local Power's Federal Policy Proposal to Congress and President-Elect Obama - Detailed

Paul Fenn article on the Smart Grid (Natural Gas & Electricity, October, 2008) Local Power Blog


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